IWA2 - Quality management system in educational organizations

In 2003, International Standard Organization(ISO)called on over 400 educationists and related scholars to deliberate and then issued ISO/International Workshop Agreement 2, which is a directory of quality management of education. This is a criterion to demand/regulate the quality of modernized education; the contents range from the essence of education quality, the management responsibility of seniors, to the guaranteed evaluation and formulation of education quality. This really can elevate the quality of domestic education and make a blueprint of internationalized revolution.

What is the advantage of executing this Education Quality Management System(ISO/IWA2)

1. Standardized procedures of vocational education and tracing the management and records of documentation can foster the ability to be evaluated regularly.

2. Based on the evaluation demands of Ministry of Education and the checklist for establishing ideas of international education quality, the teaching quality of teachers and their ideas of guaranteed quality can be strengthened; the education quality of schools can also be elevated.

3. We can establish a procedure for managing the intellectual asset possessed by the school at present. Therefore, the value of the school’s assets can be elevated. Then the school can also create intangible capital meanwhile.

4. The knowledge management of the school’s working news not only can strengthen the faculty’s ability to analyze and solve problems but also make the school more able to compete in knowledge.

5. The management procedure of external education quality auditing can strengthen the explicit function of present operation system in order to lower effectively the cost of being assessed.

6. Finishing the suggestion of academic development, self-auditing and related preparation of inspection can raise the inspector’s satisfaction in order to make sure long-term operation.

7. The major expected benefit among all lies in a manner where the “inspection of academic affairs” and “academy c development” combines the objective evaluation of the third party and “the knowledge management.” The academic development will get promotion in “internationalization,” “customer-oriented,” and “system-oriented.” Plan for the future perspective and practical strategy for improving management are also provided. Then, your school will be outstanding and have long term-development in the fierce international competition